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Hello and welcome to my little corner of the web.

My name is Matrim and I’m a writer. However, I’m not just a writer. I do a number of things, all of which I enjoy immensely. I work full-time as a zookeeper, I study a degree in English Literature, and I spend the majority of my spare time trying to figure out what I should eat next. That, and a heck of a lot of reading!

Why choose to be a writer then? Surely I would be satisfied working with animals. It has to be the best job in the world, right? And of course the answers are: yes, I am satisfied, and yes, it’s a pretty bloody amazing job. So why go to all this bother and study literature, if I am already set in what I am passionate about? It is simple. I’m passionate about more than one thing. I have bigger dreams than going to university, so that when it is over, I can sit in my home office with a pen and paper, look between my degree framed on the wall and the empty bank account displayed on my computer screen, and think about how I’ve achieved very little. I want to write and I want to write well. Gaining skills along the way is important, but I want to expose myself to as many ideas as possible, so that when the time comes, I’ll have the best opportunity to know how to say what I want to say.

There is so much magic and power in words. My hope, if you will be so kind, is to join me on this journey. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and although writing is often a lonely craft, it can reach the furtherest parts of the world and touch souls. That’s what I hope to do.

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Again, thank you and welcome. I look forward to hearing all that YOU have to say.

Matrim J. Tebb

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